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Credit control services provide businesses with the resources and support needed to effectively manage customer accounts and collect overdue payments, enabling them to increase cash flow and minimise losses due to bad debt. Our professionals are well-versed in dispute resolution and debt recovery strategies.

Why use credit control services?

Credit control is an essential part of any business’ growth. They effectively collect overdue payments and manage customer accounts, thus speeding up cash flow and minimising potential losses due to bad debt. Through credit control services, businesses can also open doors for more substantial lending opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

A large number of small and medium businesses lack the necessary resources to maintain effective credit control systems in-house. This often leads to unpaid invoices, which can potentially put a strain on any business’s cash flow. Opting for external credit control services gives businesses direct access to experienced professionals who work diligently towards recovering receivables in an efficient manner.

The primary purpose of credit control services is to make sure clients remain within the limits provided by their financiers – banks or financial institutions – with regards to borrowing money or using assets of any kind as security. An effective credit controller will closely monitor all clients’ accounts and contact them when payment dates near so that they remain in line with the terms agreed upon by both parties involved in a transaction.

Brisan Accountancy offer additional forms of support such as dispute resolution assistance, debt recovery strategies and provide training courses for business owners so they can keep better track of their own finances.

With strong experience in many industries we can best understand how your business operates and identify any weaknesses before they become problematic. Our experts have excellent communication skills and are proactive in engaging stakeholders throughout the process; from creditors all the way down to customers being chased for payment.

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How to get my debtors to pay?

Using external credit control services is becoming increasingly popular among small and medium sized businesses as it reduces labour costs associated with hiring in-house staff, whilst still providing a professional outsourced system for administering customer accounts efficiently. Allowing an external firm access to client data provides convenience as well as transparency, which ensures healthy relationships between buyers and sellers are maintained at all times during their commercial dealings together.


Investing in reliable credit control services can save headaches down the road if invoices become delinquent or companies enter into disputes over payment terms; resulting in much needed protection against bad debts or costly legal fees that are avoidable situations if managed correctly early on when problems arise.