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Our highly personalised and customised service is designed to fulfil all your tax and accounting requirements, whether for limited corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, company directors, or individuals.

Our Construction and Building Industry Accountants in Maidstone offer a customised service to local company owners and individuals. Please contact us if you require assistance with any of your accounting or tax issues.

Our Accountants in Maidstone regard themselves as more than simply number crunchers; we see ourselves as your valued business partners. Licenced Accountants in Maidstone are here to aid and advise whatever the world throws at us. Your company means everything to us, and we’re here to ensure your accounts and taxes are taken care of so you can focus on operating it.

Brisan Accountancy is dedicated to providing accounting, business, and tax guidance to corporations and individuals. Our Xero Accountants in Kent have shown to be efficient and successful, and we want to become your valued ‘business partners’ by providing a tailored service.

Chris Kensington

Chris Kensington

Managing Director

Brisan Accountancy


Clarity’; our minimum service level, is a monthly reporting service that is given to all of our clients, regardless of size, sector or their expertise in finances. This is the foundation to build business success on and something you deserve as a business owner.

How confident are you in knowing your results from last month, how those results compare with the month before and same time last year? Do you know much company and personal tax you should have set aside today and how much is available for investment or drawings? This is the ‘Clarity‘ we will provide for your business.

As skilled professionals we are able provide high value to our clients with our ‘Insight’ and/or ‘Challenge’ service.